Richard Gee at Longley's

On view at Longley's Ice Cream and Coffee Shop is an excellent example of the work of local artist, Richard Gee.

In Richard's own words: "The painting is entitled “mirror fish” because there is a hint of a reflection to the left of the “puffer” fish in the bottom left hand corner of the painting, and although the fish inspired the title, the overall theme of the painting is one of flooding.

At the time when I was painting “ Mirror Fish “ the whole country was experiencing an increase in flooding which has since become a more regular and  expected act of nature.  This got me to thinking about the flooding of the whole world and the story of Noah and the Ark.

A series of paintings followed and “Mirror Fish” is one in that themed series.

I guess I was thinking of a flood in terms of a wipe-out and the possibilities of a new beginning and imagining what that might be like. Therefore the cows in the foreground have a new-born feel about them, with gangly legs and an innocent sense of wonder.

I tried to give the painting a feeling of cleansed freshness; like the calm after the storm; and I wanted the colours to be like an epic technicoloured biblical film, like those made in Hollywood in the 1950’s.

Within this landscape is the conflict between man and nature.  And, if you look carefully at the top of the painting, you can see a jet plane flying across the sky, a truly modern wonder that can still inspire awe at the sight of it but which also has a basic vulnerability which we all see from time to time".

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