Racing Fuel

It's common knowledge how great our cottage cheese is for those of us who like to keep fit: low in fat and packed full of protein, it's great for body-builders, athletes and dieters alike.

However, keen runner Nicky Spinks has been in touch to let us know how great our yogurts are too, especially for keeping her going on her long distance running challenges.

She told us this:

In my spare time I do a lot of running and on the weekend of May 14/15th I did a Double Bob Graham round. I'll leave you to google that but a single round is 66 miles, 28,000 feet climb and 42 peaks in the Lake district. I completed in 45.30 hours.

But what I want to say is I tried your yoghurts after the Calderdale Hike a few months ago and then used them on my round. I think I had about 10/15 in total. I've attached a photo of me at a road stop where a Longley Farm yoghurt can be seen.

Please add a comment to your page; I tried many other yoghurts but Longley Farms were the best. They aren't too sweet and have a lovely tangy taste to them. I was able to have them on the hill while running and they really settled my stomach. Thank you very much.

Thank you Nicky for your wonderful feedback, and well done on completing the Double Bob Graham in such an impressive time! 

 If you've got your own story about our products (astonishing physical feats optional) we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with us here

Or if you'd like to know more about Nicky's impressive achievement click here

Nicky Spinks

Nicky fueling up with a Longley Farm Hazelnut Yogurt at a road stop

Nicky Spinks, Josh Naylor, Roger Baumiester

Nicky in the Moot Hall after finishing with Josh Naylor and Roger Baumiester

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