Our Cheesemaker's Cheesecake

My Kingdom for a Cheesecake

Sophie Grigson

Independent on Sunday, 19 April 1998

Now, I know that cheesecake has become a bit of a sorry cliche, but this one put all second-rate cheesecakes to mighty shame. It was exactly, absolutely, etherally everything that cheesecake should and can be. The biscuit base was perfectly short and buttery yet not too sweet, and the upper part was creamy, and fluffy as an angel-bearing cloud, the tartness of fresh lemon completing the balancing act. And above that, a paper thin layer of ripe mango slices. Everyone raved about it, and if we hadn't been short on time, we would probably have ordered another. 

It was our very own Jonathan Lawson, a cottage cheese maker, that was responsible for this heavenly cheesecake when he was the pastry chef at Desport's. In fact he assures us that he used Longley Farm cream cheese in the receipe! 

Now that Jonathan has left the cake business, and has moved on 100% cheese making we cannot promise that you will ever find a cheesecake as good as this one, but you could always give it a good go at home with one of our many cheesecake recipes here

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