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Another traditional Guernsey recipe sent in by Gillian from Guernsey. It may share a similar name with Guernsey Gâche, but it is very different - more like a heavy sort of apple cake. It is traditionally made using suet, but we make it with Jersey butter which makes it a little lighter and less stodgy!
This traditional recipe was sent into use by Gillian from Guernsey, after we mistakenly labelled our Guernsey Buttermilk Cake as a Guernsey Gâche. This is more like a fruit bread than a cake, and is often served toasted with Guernsey butter spread on top. We have substituted Guernsey butter for our Jersey butter, which we think works just as well (if not better!)
This delicious cheesecake is made with our strawberry fromage frais. If you're feeling adventurous, why not substitute it for Damson, Boysenberry or Apricot instead?
An old favourite: delicious and incredibly easy to make. Our Jersey butter is perfect for this recipe, as the high melting point stops the shortbread from feeling greasy.
Choose your favourite berry for this luxurious dessert, or go all out and make it triple layered!
Curry in a hurry, courtesy of Joe Wicks.
Enjoy this festive favourite with a generous dollop of our Crème Fraîche Lemon & Ginger. The high melting point of our Jersey Butter means it is perfect for making pastry.
Apple and caramel is a classic flavour combination, and using our butter and jersey cream these cupcakes make an indulgent treat.
Our Jersey Butter gives this white chocolate coffee cake a deliciously golden top, so why not add a bit of extra sparkle with some edible glitter?
In France, this traditional recipe is used to introduce children to the world of cooking. This is a very simple recipe because it involves simple ingredients and you can measure everything out using the yogurt pot. It's also a good way to teach children to count, and can be easily adapted so you can add your own creative twist.