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Recipes using Longley Farm products...

Curry in a hurry, courtesy of Joe Wicks.
Enjoy this festive favourite with a generous dollop of our Crème Fraîche Lemon & Ginger. The high melting point of our Jersey Butter means it is perfect for making pastry.
Apple and caramel is a classic flavour combination, and using our butter and jersey cream these cupcakes make an indulgent treat.
Our Jersey Butter gives this white chocolate coffee cake a deliciously golden top, so why not add a bit of extra sparkle with some edible glitter?
In France, this traditional recipe is used to introduce children to the world of cooking. This is a very simple recipe because it involves simple ingredients and you can measure everything out using the yogurt pot. It's also a good way to teach children to count, and can be easily adapted so you can add your own creative twist.
A gingery biscuit centre coated with our delicious Crème Fraîche Lemon & Ginger
A delicious and original way to use our cottage cheese
A heavenly triple layered cake perfect for special occasions
A delicious cake for a special occasion, made by our very own Mandy.
The Slimming Foodie sent us this original pancake recipe, made using our fat free cottage cheese, these pancakes are delicious and healthy!