Longley Farm's Wind Turbine

Longley Farm was a pioneer in the use of wind power and in 1986 put up the first commercial wind turbine in England. At the time there were a lot of questions : would it look ugly; how long will it last ; did more energy go into the steel than came out as electricity ; would it be noisy ; what about birds, aeroplanes and tv signals ? This was the time of the miners' strike and the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The local council wanted us to put up three; but we thought that one would look better on the sky-line. After years of steady running, the original turbine is obsolete and ready to be decommissioned. The search is on for a replacement and we are working very closely with the energy group within HoTT (Holmfirth Transition Town) on a community scheme which would see the cash generated being put back into local carbon-reduction projects. The HoTT website has all the details.


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