Yorkshire Curd

This product is for use in curd tarts and must be cooked or baked prior to consumption. It should not be confused with products such as cottage cheese. We are the world's leading manufacturer of Yorkshire curd!

Yorkshire curd tart is a speciality tart from Yorkshire. Made with fresh curd, the Yorkshire curd tart is also filled with currants and egg and makes a delightful teatime treat or a warm and delicious pudding - try it with our lemon and ginger creme fraiche. We serve it this way in our Ice Cream & Coffee Shop

Picture courtesy of Mannion & Co in York, who make a delicious curd tart with our Yorkshire Curd

Available in the following pot sizes: 
Nutritional information: 
Typical values per 100g
of which sugars2.7g
of which saturates0.2g
NO ADDEDColour, Preservative or Stabiliser
SUITABLE FORVegetarians, Gluten Free