Keep your comments coming!

I would just like to let you know how much i enjoy your pineapple cottage cheese. I have bought different brands in the past however none of them measure up to yours. I enjoy it that much that i can just get a spoon and eat a tub.


Longley Farm was by far THE BEST cottage cheese I have EVER had! It was creamy, it wasn't watery at all, just the right amount of saltiness, absolutely delicious! 

Jamie from Swansea

Best yoghurt ever, been eating it and other Longley products for years.

April from Lincoln

The boysenberry fromage frais is absolutely divine! Yum!

Emily on Fromage Frais

You guys make the most delicious pineapple cottage cheese, creamy yet light, sweet, acidic... Absolutely perfectly balanced! Tastes real and nothing artificial, just like you have promised!

Viara from London

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoy your yogurts, which we purchase regularly at Morrisons, Beverley. My favourite is hazelnut. Please, don't stop making it. I love anything nutty and yours is so creamy and delicious.

Margaret from Beverley

Just discovered your Cottage Cheese at my local (Deal, Kent) Spar Garage... Have been back to buy 3 pots since last week... Sooooo good, creamy, delicious and not a bad price either. Thank you, Happy Churning :-)

Jilly from Kent

Would just like to thank you for the most delicious cottage cheese! Always keep a good supply in the fridge :)


I love your products, I feel that I am eating more natural foods compared to other products.

Jackie from Anlaby

Blueberry: delcious, the best yoghurt ever

Margaret from Redcar

I have to agree; your cottage cheese is the best!

Suzy from Birmingham

Best cottage cheese I have ever tasted. Beautiful and natural flavour.

DW from Crewe

Brilliant flavours out of few ingredients - fruit content generous and NO 'FILLERS'


I can honestly say, your cottage cheese is the best I've ever had and I love cottage cheese.  Its such a dense consistency but creamy and packed full of flavour.  I will always look for your brand now. No going back!

Sarah from Basingstoke

I don't like yogurts, never eat them. But since discovering your rhubarb yogurts I eat one for breakfast every day. They're utterly delicious.

Bethan from Brighton

I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your cottage cheese! It's the best I've ever tasted and just wish it was sold in more places up in Shetland and the different varieties! I won't eat any other type as no other cottage cheese matches up to the quality of yours!

Sian from Scalloway

Absolutely love your yoghurt. Eat it nearly every day, especially black cherry and black currant, although mandarin is pretty special too!

Jan from Milton Keynes

Banana and vanilla yoghurts are amazing. Glad you are using milk produced on British farms. Keep up the good work. A very satisfied customer.


My favourite yoghurts ! Strawberry is fab. My favourite is Mandarin.

Mark from Chorley

Best cottage cheese and chives in the world. Very well done.


Best cottage cheese there is. Love it.


I just wanted to say I have just bought my first tub of Longley Farm cottage cheese. I wanted to tell you ,thats it now,I will never bother with another brand, ever again! Brilliant absolutely marvellous! 


Best yoghurts available, all natural, taste fab and nothing artificial. Not too sweet either lets the taste of the fruit and yoghurt come through.

Rob from Leicester

I have just found this to be the best cottage cheese in the world !!!!!!

Linda from Bracknell

I love your natural fat free cottage cheese it's the best!!! Unlike the other brands that are more like cottage cheese yogurts yours is the perfect consistency and is delishes with cantaloupe melon.

Emma from Glasgow

I first had Longley farm yogurts in my teens in the 1970s, after many years not having them I've rediscovered their great proper old fashioned yoghurty taste.

Tracy from Leeds

Your cottage cheese is a revelation, finally cottage cheese like we used to get, not the watery sour stuff most is today.

Dave from Kirkcaldy

I am Bulgarian and have been living in this country for over 14 years. My grandparents used to keep sheep and cows and they produced their own (bio)yogurt.

Over the years here, I had given up hope of finding real yogurt, the way we had it in Bulgaria. Recently I bought your brand (full fat natural yogurt) in a health shop in Manchester and... when I tried it, my taste buds went crazy, as they did not expect the taste of real yogurt... 

Thank you so much for your delicious artisan yogurt! I am a big fan and I do my best introduce my friends and colleagues it! :-)

Liliana from Bulgaria

Found Longley yogurts around 8 months ago, and loved them straight away, the simplicity of ingredients, the tartness, the price and the quality our superb. Complete convert and by no other yoghurts anymore.

Jamie from Belper

Your cottage cheese is off the scale fabulous... every other cottage cheese I've ever tasted is bland and tasteless compared to yours I now make a special journey to Asda so I can get your cottage cheese.

Shannon from Brighton

The rhubarb yoghurts by Longley Farm are the best ever! I remember being 5 and my grandad letting me lick the lid every day :)

Lauren from Morley

There is no other cottage cheese I will eat, pure heaven in a pot!


The cottage cheese is my favourite. Thick, creamy and full of lovely goodness. I grew up in Holmfirth so every mouth full brings back my childhood memories. top marks, 10 stars and over the years it hasn't changed a bit.

Ed from Welwyn

I've just had a pot of your cottage cheese with pineapple, it was bloody delicious!

Mike from Beverley

I would like to say that the natural cottage cheese is the best I've ever eaten. I eat on average a week about 5--250grm tubs, once I start I can't stop, I'm addicted to the stuff.

Trevor on Cottage Cheese

I'm just writing to say that I've just experienced your yoghurts for the first time today and will definitely be purchasing them again!! They're the most beautiful yogurts I've ever tasted :) 


I bought the cream and cottage cheese at Tebay service station on the M6, and can confirm that this is the nearest to the cream that I used to eat as a child direct from the local farm (collected in a billycan ... 45 years ago.) It is delicious and tastes like real rich cream, a world away from the white cardboard taste of cream sold by the supermarkets. This is a real quality product the cottage cheese is fabulous too, thick and tasty, none of those grey pools of liquid. Your products have "gold tops" which reflect a gold standard. I can sum them up simply as " less is more "

Emma from Edinburgh

Tried this for first time OMG amazing love it on crackerbread best cottage cheese in the world

Fiona from Carlisle

I am a well travelled ex 'back-packer' and have tried numerous different makes of cottage cheese in numerous different countries around the world......... Nothing has ever come even CLOSE to "LONGLEY FARM NATURAL COTTAGE CHEESE" !! Thanks so much. X

Alison from Heywood

Just want to say what a fan I am of your cottage cheese. It's terrific. Don't ever change it.


Never having been a big fan of yoghurt. Saw yours and thought I would try them and was immediately blown away by the clean sharp taste. Best yogurts I have ever tasted and won't buy anything else now.

Karen from Chester-le-Street

Your double cream is simply magnificent.

Mark from Breen Sands

Not usually one for yoghurts, but missus brought some of your yoghurts today, and wey heyyyyyyy fantastic.....really enjoyed , them kids loved them too, especially the blueberry flavour mmmmmm, shall be adding these to the weekly shopping list for sure...10/10


I would like to tell you how much I enjoy your fat free natural cottage cheese and bio natural yogurt. I have been buying your product for a good few years now. I have tried the rest and yours is most certainly THE BEST.

Kristina from Coventry

I have just tried your Longley Farm Live Strawberry yoghurt. It tasted like Yoghurts used to years ago. I loved it.

Mr H from Borehamwood

Your cottage cheese is the best cottage cheese in the world. It is so tasty and the consistency is just perfect

Vicky from Manchester

 I could fall into the vat where the yoghurts are made and just eat. They are so creamy and such a lovely natural flavour - you can't buy better

Tracy from Huddersfield

Your natural yogurt is great for traditional Indian cooking. Mixed with water it makes the very best chaas drink I have tasted.

Chandrika from Sheffield

Just tried your cottage cheese for the first time and it is the best I have ever tasted.  I am looking forward to trying more of your products.


I have been eating your natural cottage cheese for over 20 years and am still hooked on it. I have not found another cottage cheese to equal yours.  The taste and texture is superb. Continue the good work

Diane from Coventry

I had to email you to comment how much i enjoy your cottage cheese. The natural one is the absolute best. The taste is so creamy and acurate. I have tried many diffrent companies and your by far is the most tastiest.

Ziba from Hackney

These yogurts are what i call proper yogurts, like we had as kids, before food got pumped full of rubbish.

These yogurts are what they say on the carton, fruit and yogurts.  The flavours in them speak for themselves.....they're delicious. The only problem I have with Longley farm yogurts,  is that as fast as I buy them, my kids eat them! Lol.....Thank you for making yogurt what it should be.

Rachel from Wellingborough

Longley farm banana yogurts are the best ever, I always buy them in bulk as they go straight away

Vanessa from Sunderland

Love your yogurt and cottage cheese. Gluten free and natural tasting! A pleasure to eat!


Absolutely the best cottage cheese I have ever tasted by far. Seriously divine!!

Gabrielle from Leeds

Your yogurts are the best. You can taste the quality of how well they're made and it stands out against other mainstream competitors.

It's nice to be able to purchase a product from an independent farm and you can totally taste the difference. So lovely, I can't wait to try the cottage cheese and butter!

Georgia from Tamworth

Just tried your lemon yogurt for the first time... it's beaut... my new favourite


I just wanted you to know that your natural cottage cheese is the best I have ever had - lovely texture, body and flavour.

Christina from London

Your strawberry fromage frais is heaven in a pot... do you have any taster jobs going? lol

Louise from Skipton

My son absolutely adores the cottage cheese and could eat it by the pot full, no other make will do, I remember my mum buying it for me when I was a young girl.

Julie from Goole

Best cottage cheese ever. We make a special visit to ASDA just for it.

Chris from Aberdeen

I bought a pot of your cottage cheese at our Thursday market and it's a revelation! Great taste, great texture - I actually enjoyed eating cottage cheese for the first time in my life! I also love your yoghurt.

Catherine from Olney

Growing up banana yoghurts we're my favourite. They then disappeared into obscurity until I discovered Longley Farm banana yoghurts and they are delicious. I've tried your blueberry ones too and wow they're a close contender as my favourite.

Robbie from Withington

Awesome stuff, real fruit bits not too sweet, no bells or whistles. Perfect! Have just tried your brambley and apple yogurt, again Awesome, keep em coming!!

Paul from Darlington

Longley farm yoghurts are the nicest I've ever tasted in my 51 years.


Simply the best yogurt I have ever eaten

Julie from Kendal

I love your cottage cheese. Its the best I have ever tasted!

Dhru from Dagenham

Nicest yoghurts I have had for a long time.  It is difficult to find a nice 'normal' yoghurt in the shops then I found these on Creamline Dairy and added them to my milk order.  Consider me a very happy customer

Rick from Manchester

Delicious, makes me wonder about all the other yogurts with their long lists of artificial sounding ingredients. Longley is the best.

Mark from Sheffield

Your cottage cheese is AMAZEBALLS........... I have been eating it for decades. My favourite food on the planet.


I love all the flavours ,but raspberry and  gooseberry are my favorite, they are beautiful,been having these yogarts years.

Joaley from Stainforth

I just wanted to look you up to say that your Cottage Cheese, which I tried for the first time today, is quite the loveliest Cottage Cheese I've ever had. It is so creamy and delicious, that after trying a spoonful I ate it in one go straight from the pot. Yum. I'm going to look at what else you produce and try whatever I can get hold of. Thank you for my lovely lunch.

Sarah from Essex

No one else can touch longley farm. Best dairy products I ever tasted


The best cottage cheese - we have tried all brands, nothing compares to yours.

Ros from Newcastle

Your strawberry yogurts are amazing. Perfect taste, texture and packaging - absolutely no one makes yogurts like these.

Simon from Grimsby

I've only just discovered your cottage cheese which I think is absolutely the best I'v ever tasted - the texture is fantastic and it is such great value for money... Keep up the yummy work!

Ziggy from Torquay

Your banana yogurt is simply awesome!!!! Just bought 8 of them and the Mrs went bananas he he!!! Keep up the good work.

Chris from Oswestry

This was the best cottage cheese I've had in years. I'd just like to say that this cottage cheese was fabulous. Just how I remember it when I was little. Most of the brands I buy nowadays are full of liquid but this one was just perfect.

Gaynor from Ipswich

Honestly the best cottage cheese I've ever tasted! Thank you

Julie from Axminster

Your cottage cheese is divine, I always recommend it, full of protein & goodness, I love it! The full & low fat chive ones are my fave. Your fromage frais are just fab too! Thank you.


Laura from Keighley

I have my cottage cheese with soft fruits & nuts for breakfast. I also have it on porridge. It's the BEST cottage cheese ever 

Sally from Birmingham

Your cottage cheese is the best I have ever had. I am so glad you are successful and reaching customers all over the UK. I also adore your strawberry yougurt, has a wonderful "tangyness" to it. Thank you Longley Farm

Xara from London

I now live in the USA. Two things I miss the most are cask beer and Longley Farm blackcurrant yogurt

Jess from Taunton

Your hazelnut is by far the king of yoghurts. I love em. All the best stuff is Yorkshire and Longley Farm is one of them

Steven from Huddersfield

This is without a doubt the best cottage cheese I have ever tasted, it actually tastes of something! I have recommended to so many people. The fat free with Chives is also delicious.

Karen from Eastbourne

Your cottage cheese is by far the best I have ever tasted

Natalie from Staveley

After suffering for 2 years eating low fat yoghurt (full of rubbish) I decided to switch to a diet of natural products. Not only am I losing weight but I love them so much - and I never knew they were made just down the road <3

Dianne from Huddersfield

I recommend your lovely cottage cheese to anyone I can. I have never tasted any that comes anywhere near it for taste and a good solid product

Mary from Bodmin

I have recently become a massive fan of Longley Farm Full Fat Soft Cheese... it is by far the best soft cheese I have ever tasted - buttery and delicisou on bagels!!

Emma from Skelton

Gorgeous yogurt. Wonderful, clean taste yet packed full of fruit and flavour. YUM!

Caroline from St Albans

Just like to say I found my favourite yogurt in Nantwich, it was fantastic, I used to buy your products years ago and was so happy to have found you still make them. Congratulations on your success.

Shirley from Nantwich

I have always automatically bought the 'big brands' yogurts but tried yours this week, and wow, what a great product.  No more 'big brands' for me

Sarah from Bishop Auckland

Your favourite? Hazelnut for the texture, nice amount of nuts and without added rubbish others add.

Ryan from Hertfordshire

I have recently in the past few months discovered your Boysenberry and Damson fromage frais and cannot tell you how much I love them.

Debra from Warrington

I have tried scores of cottage cheese but the natural cottage cheese you make is the best, its not sloppy and runny, I like mine just like you make.


Could not believe it when I found Natural Cottage Cheese in Monoprix in France! It is delicious - creamy and thick

Tonia from Montpellier

I love traditional yogurts and cottage cheese. Black Cherry is just the best, it is a true naturally thick creamy yogurt with lots of cherries


Fromage Frais - tastes so fresh pure, unprocessed

Karen from Barrowford

Peach Melba. Just the right amount of sweetness but tart too. Nice chunks of fruit and thick creamy consistency

James from Wollaton

Blueberry - lovely taste, creamy, not too sweet, great value

Frank from Todmorden

I have recently re-discovered Longley Farm cottage cheese which I used to buy in the 1980s when my children were young. I love cheese but wanted to try out the lower fat versions. I have to tell you that Longley Farm outperforms the rest by a mile. It is so creamy, rich tasting and a nice solid consistency.

Julie from East Yorkshire

Peach Melba. Perfect combination of flavours. Yours are the only yogurts I will eat because no artificial additives

Christine from Monks Cross

Your Jersey Butter is in a class of its own. I keep it on the table, not in the fridge - and it always tastes fresh and delicious

Howard from Withington

Your favourite? Hazelnut yogurt. Been eating them for years they get better each time

John from Wakefield

It's a fact not all cottage cheese is created equally and Longley Farm's is superior to the rest. The hazelnut and lemon yoghurts and just gorgeous too.


Been buying these products since the 80's. Can't beat them, have bought thousands over the eyars

Barbara from York

My favourites are hazelnut, vanilla and raspberry - they taste great and are the most natural yogurts I could find! Well done :)

Monika from Stoke on Trent

Your luxury Jersey Butter is by far the best salted butter I have ever tasted! Fantastic colour, firm texture and great richness.

James from Preston

Your vanilla yogurt is the best i've tasted, lovely and creamy with just a little kick. Great!

Jodie from Newark

I love all your yogurts - fantastic taste, no other can touch them, especially on price.

Steve from Gainsborough

I love the yogurts and so do my children, all the flavours are yummy! Love banana and mandarin ones!

Melanie from Warrington

Blackcurrant yogurt, wonderful combination of lots of fruit, creamy yogurt. Not too sweet.

Alison from Dereham

Pineapple Cottage Cheese, superb texture and taste. Best cottage cheese I've ever tasted. Love your yogurts too! Hazelnut! Yum!

Jo from Coventry

Hazelnut yogurt - love the tanginess! Not too much sugar and an ingredient list you can pronounce and count on one hand!

Julie from Skelmersdale

Full Fat Cottage Cheese is simply brilliant - great flavour and great texture!

Michelle from Glossop

Cottage Cheese - truly the best I have EVER tasted...superb. Like Cottage Cheese is meant to be. Well done!

Andrea from Epsom

Your yogurts freeze beautifully and we eat them semi thawed. Fabulous!

Marion from Bridgnorth

I love you Longley Farm. I've been eating your produce for the past 30 years!

Tracy from Selby

Your Jersey Butter is the best I have tasted. The shape of the product makes it easy to use including slicing. Great taste.

Keith from Scarborough

The cottage cheese is absolutely delicious, yummy, yummy, yummy!

Caroline from Wroxham

Has to be rhubarb, but they're all good. And simple ingredients unlike other yogurts!

Andrew from Rotherham

Seriously - your cottage cheese is epic. From a few Rapha employees.

Barney from London

Hazelnut yogurts me and my mummy adore it!

Donna from Huddersfield

Cottage cheese is without doubt the best I've ever had.

Derrol from Manchester

Blackcurrent. Creamy and a little bit tart! Cottage cheese is yummy

Julia from Barnstable

Fat free cottage cheese, love, love, love. It's classed as a 'syn free' food on Slimming World diet.

Sally from Penistone

I love LF Yoghurts so much and I can't find them in Bristol. I miss them, they are the best yoghurts in the world.

Emma in Bristol

Hazelnut yoghurt if I could lay my hands on it. Or rhubarb. Or gooseberry. In fact down here I'd make do with owt.

Heather from London (possibly originally from Yorkshire?)

Get visitors from Yorkshire to bring some plain cottage cheese and hazelnut yogurt.

Kathryn from Andover

Your low fat cottage cheese - best in all local shops (including Waitrose!)

Barry from St Albans

Hazelnut yogurt it's the best ever! I go out of my way to buy this product!! Yummy!!

Karen from Staffordshire

Black Cherry Yoghurt, I just love it. I love all your products. Have been eating them since I was a kid, I'm 46 now.:-)

Rachael from Horbury

Fat free natural cottage cheese, lots of flavour, no guilt!

Lorna from Basingstoke

The Pineapple Cottage Cheese is delicious and a great source of dairy protein. I go through about four pots a week!

Robert from Knaresborough

Vanilla Yogurt..... Wow this has to be the best tasting yogurt ever... I have 1 per day and never want the pot to end :-D

Suzanne from Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Cottage cheese - its very tasty and not watery.  My gerbil loves it as well!

Anne from Crosby

 Cottage cheese - best I have had, does not separate and go watery

Lyb from Coombe Bissett

Rhubarb is my first pick, then banana, I love all the fruit yoghurts as they are not too sweet and no extra additives

Viv from Mansfield

Your Buttermilk made the best soda bread and scones I've ever done. Please get it in to shops in Leek!

Jeanette from Leek

Longley Natural Yogurt is part of my daily routine Simply I love it. Thanks longley farm

Muhammad from Dewsbury

Blackcurrant - I absolutely adore it and could eat it by the bucket. It is the only yoghurt I eat as nothing else can beat it.

Alison from Blackburn

I love your natural cottage cheese. No other cottage cheese is like it- it's so creamy and delicious.!!

Sarah from Worcester

Hazelnut, it's just the best ever!

Donna from Heywood

Low fat natural cottage cheese, I love the flavour and the texture, it's great on its own or as a topping!

Sophie from Banbury

Blueberry, hazelnut, vanilla these are my favourite as they are just so tasty, thick, creamy and excellent value.

Sandra from Southport

Cottage cheese and pineapple - I love it! Please don't stop making it and distribute it wider PLEASE! Can't find it often enough

Jacquie from Rotherham

Natural Bio virtually fat free yogurt. This is absolutely delicious, so thick but virtually fat free, great with maple syrup :-)

Amanda Jones

Natural Cottage Cheese is the best I've ever tasted but can't seem to get it around here!!

Sue from Liskeard

Rhubarb yoghurt, tangy and fabulous. Also raspberry or black cherry. best fruit yoghurts anywhere.

Anna From North Shields

Have just seen that you do Apple yoghurt which is my favourite from my childhood. I can't find them in any shops Grrrrrr

Karen from Hull

We sell your complete range - best seller hazelnut my own favorite blueberry

S & J 's Pantry the moor market, Sheffield

Rhubarb because it's beautiful

Laura from Pontefract

I have to say that this is by far the best cottage cheese I have ever tasted, Amazing!

Nicola from Gateshead

Wow this is the best yoghurt I have ever had I can't get enough thank you

Glyn from Durham

Mandarin, blueberry, rhubarb. All of them really they're the best yogurts I've tasted

Karan from Thornton

My boyfriend has just converted me from supermarket own brand. I now know that not all cottage cheese is created equal!!!!

Nicky from Loughborough

Caramel yogurts freeze really well and make a fab alternative to ice cream

Lynn from Lancaster

Cottage cheese, it's the best we've tasted

Rob from Wakefield

Creme Fraiche - it's just the best!

Carolyn from Surrey