Huddersfield University Visit

In April we had a visit from Huddersfield University students from Food and Nutrition.

The group of Huddersfield students were given a tour of the facilities, learning about how various products are manufactured. Of particular interest were products which require a more complex manufacturing process consisting of several processing steps.

StudentsStudents had the opportunity to see a range of unit operations that are part of producing Longley Farm’s butter, yogurt, cream, cheese and other dairy products, and to discuss these with the Farm’s experienced staff.  The University's Dr Helen Martin, Dr Deborah Pufal and Dr Vassilis Kontogiorgos  also took part in the visit, helping students to understand the processes they were being shown in the context of the theory they had learned in lectures.

The students enjoyed the visit and the opportunity to see the connections between theory and practice.  Year 2 student Megan Simpson commented, “I thought today was a wonderful and unique experience. The constant development and adaption to new technologies surprised and amazed me. It has confirmed my interest in the food industry.”

MSc student Caroline Thirkell said, “What I found most interesting is how food safety goes hand In hand with food science and technology.  The most important thing for me is that it has helped me broaden my considerations in terms of career choices.”

Second year student Princess Peace Anyanwu added, “ever since the visit, I have never stopped thinking how amazing, motivating and inspirational it was to have listened to Sam as she took us on tour. I'm glad I didn't miss it!”

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