Do Widzenia Wojciech

We finally say good-bye to the last of our Polish workers. Wojciech Pilarczyk came over to the UK in July 2006 and worked with us for twelve very fruitful years. Over that time we have welcomed several of the children of his friends and relatives, but with Wojciech’s departure, it looks like that pattern has come to an end. 

After struggling to find anyone to tackle the job, Wojciech was recruited to learn dry-stone walling. He quickly became proficient; with the result being several miles of repaired and newly built walls all around the farm. His skills extended further into fencing, building gates and stiles and planting hedges. Based on personal experience, Longley Farm had not forgotten the part played by Polish soldiers and airmen in the liberation of Europe and was glad to welcome its Polish guests. 

His walling style developed over time and became his own unique blend of Central European and Yorkshire. Built to last, his walls will still be standing long into the future and will definitely see out this Century and probably the next.  

A figure who commanded respect, Wojciech was presented with several gifts on his retirement, notably a miniature dry-stone wall made by a fellow member of staff, Andrew Clayton.


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